A modern fleet and impeccable coordination with the transportation company is the backbone of a successful operation. Be it a limousine to the beach, 4x4 transfer to a secluded meeting in the jungle, or private transfer services between the airport, planned activities and hotels, we will always provide modern premium transportation.

In the following overview you can see the standard occupancy of our modern transportation, which generally offers every client a comfortable seat and has enough space for one main piece of luggage and one small hand luggage.

Choose the premium occupancy in case your clients ask for even more comfort and window seats, and if extra luggage space is required on the same bus.

Marcopolo and Irizar models


Seats: 48-56 (no jumpseats)

ARA Tours standard occupancy: 36-50 guests
ARA Tours premium occupancy: 29-35 guests

Luggage: Large luggage area underneath and luggage compartments overhead in the bus

Comments:Very comfortable travel bus with reclining seats, air-conditioning, TV with DVD player, cooler, and some are equipped with bathrooms. However, a bathroom is seldom a necessity as there are very few long stretches in Costa Rica where drivers continue without stops. These models are suitable for standard tours on the main motorways and well-built regional roads. Because of the weight and size of the bus, leaving these roads is usually not an option. Travel times are about 50% longer than in a personal vehicle.

Yutong, Golden Dragon, Daewoo or similar

Small Buses

Seats (no jumpseats): 33-35

ARA Tours standard occupancy: 16-25 guests
ARA Tours premium occupancy: 13-20 guests

Luggage: Room for luggage underneath and luggage compartments overhead in the bus

Comments: Spacious and comfortable option for medium-sized groups with reclining seats, TV with DVD player, cooler, and air-conditioning. Apart from a few exceptions, this bus is suitable for most of the main and rural roads. Travel times are about 30-40% longer than in a personal vehicle.

Toyota Coaster, Hyundai County or Mitsubishi Rosa

Coasters & Rosa

Seats: 21 (jumpseats not including)
ARA Tours standard occupancy: 7-15 guests
ARA Tours premium occupancy: 5-12 guests

Luggage: Luggage space in the back, securely separated from the passenger area,  or on a roof rack.

Comments: This is a versatile vehicle for small groups that can reach practically any destination, including remote areas that are further from the normal tourist routes. This added flexibility comes at only a modest cost in terms of comfort. Travel times are about 25% longer than in a personal vehicle.

Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urban or Mercedes Sprinter

Mini Bus

Seats: 12-16 (jumpseats not including)
ARA Tours standard occupancy: 1-6 guests
ARA Tours premium occupancy: 1-4 guests

Luggage: Room for luggage in the back, securely separate from the passenger area

Comments: These versatile mini-buses can be used to reach all tourist highlights with travel times only slightly longer than personal vehicles.

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