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Traditional Costa Rican cuisine mainly consists of rice, beans, corn, potatoes or cassava, and vegetables combined with a choice of meat, chicken, or fish. They are hearty meals which are generally appreciated even by foreign visitors. However, there are new trends in the Costa Rican gastronomic scene, and cuisine in restaurants and hotels is getting much more exciting! More and more vegetarian meals are offered; however, vegan meals are still not very widespread.

Besides the optional hot chilli sauce that you may find on your table, Ticos generally don’t eat very spicy foods.

On the coasts, fresh seafood is preferred; while in the interior of the country, premium beef and poultry meals are on the menu. Sophisticated restaurants offer a wide choice of international cuisine and many chefs are into fusion cuisine.

Costa Rica is not a wine-producing country; this is why almost all of the offered wines are imported products at a relatively high cost for European standards. Good quality wine is provided mostly from Chile, Argentina, California, and Spain. Local beers from large breweries are characterized by European recipes, and usually a variety of international brands can be found. In recent years, craft beer breweries are flourishing and their creative bottles can be found in more and more bars.

For many visitors, an especially unforgettable treat are Costa Rica’s fresh and colourful fruit juices and smoothies. Haven’t heard yet of cas, tamarind or guanabana juice? Then come and try, you’ll be amazed!

Extravagant bars and restaurants with top gastronomy are popping up in the metropolitan area of San José, and may be the perfect spot for an extraordinary evening.

Most of the hotels we feature offer top-notch restaurants with a wide selection of menu options. Some can prepare a private ambience in remarkable places, perhaps in a secluded gazebo, at a river or a setting on the beach. Even in the treetops!
A high quality culinary experience will wait for you, no matter which location you choose!

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