With more than 900 species of birds, Costa Rica is an “El Dorado” for bird-watchers. The country hosts 10% of all bird species worldwide and over 90 of them are endemic to Costa Rica and its neighbouring countries. You will find native species as well as migratory birds from North and South America. Our staff and top bird-watching guides are at your disposal and we are happy to tailor your personalised itineraries along the hot spots for birding.

In Costa Rica you can find five birding zones in cloud forests, humid lowlands, arid mountain peaks, dry forests, mangroves or coral reefs.

For birding you can visit Costa Rica all year long, but the migration periods are: the Autumn migration from North America to South America from August to December and the Winter Migraition, during January to May, when the birds return to the Nortth.  During this period, you can find the higher number of resident birds as migratory. We are specialists in creating specialized programs with the best and most sophisticated services.

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