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Just imagine...

... the adrenaline kick by day at entering Pacuare Lodge by raft, and an exquisite culinary experience by the fire pit at night, totally immersed in the jungle at the river’s edge. An extraordinary setting you will never forget!.

... the nearly hypnotic swirling of hummingbirds all around you amid magical cloud forest. The elegant and somewhat flighty pygmies of all birds fly helicopter-like from flower to flower in the hummingbird garden at El Silencio Lodge. You’ll want to stay in this fairytale forever!

... scenting the rich aroma of fresh tropical ingredients that you are turning into delicious meals and drinks, counselled by an experienced local chef. In this hands-on farm-to-table experience, you may just encounter fruits and vegetables you have never yet seen! Mouth-watering knowledge that you take home to prepare for your loved ones!

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